Experience of use Hondrox

Acute arthritis before treatment with Hondrox spray

Review spray from Elena from Varna

I bought the Hondrox spray at the time of the arthritis exacerbation. The feet were terribly swollen and unbearably sore. I couldn’t even think of moving my fingers, let alone walking. The doctor recommended the spray as an adjunct therapy because his other patients had positive experiences with the drug.

Where did I order Hondrox?

I opted for the official website of the manufacturer. It was important to me that the original spray came, not the fake. The product was delivered quickly, I arranged the delivery of the courier from the post office. I paid for the product upon receipt.

Healthy feet after Hondrox spray treatment

Shades of application

The Hondrox package contained detailed instructions for using the spray. I followed the manufacturer's recommendations - I applied it in the morning and in the evening. Inflammation decreased slightly immediately after application. This effect lasted for 4-5 hours, and then the legs swelled again.

But I decided not to give up and finish the whole course. By the way, my doctor extended the period of treatment with the drug to 2 months. The first lasting effect appeared 3 weeks after regular use of the product. The legs did not swell for 12 hours. Gradually, the anesthesia began to be sufficient for a period of time from the first to the second application.

I finished the treatment 2 weeks ago. Arthritis no longer bothered me. The skin condition improved after regular use of Hondrox. The doctor recommended that I undergo spray treatment every 1. 5 months so that I would not face repeated worsening of arthritis.