Reviews about Hondrox

  • Ioana
    My joints ached because of the constant work at the computer. I used Hondrox spray for a month. The pain disappeared and still got a pleasant cosmetic effect - the skin on his arm smoothed out a bit.
  • Floarea
    I recently started to suffer from knee pain and because of that I gave up cycling and active walks with my grandchildren. The doctor attributed everything for years, but in addition to the pills, he also advised buying Hondrox. The pain disappeared around the 6th day. The drug was used according to instructions. The course was not over yet, but I could already ride the bike again.
  • Dumitru
    I injured my knee in training. A CT doctor diagnosed a small joint fracture. I decided to buy a spray in addition to the prescribed medication. The pain disappeared 2 weeks after regular use of Hondrox. Another shot showed that the crack had almost healed.
  • Ioan
    I liked the medicine, it quickly relieves pain and inflammation. Hondrox is used not only for knees and elbows, but also for sprains of the ankle and wrist. I ordered a few more bottles for myself, because I often get injured at work, and such an emergency never hurts.
  • Ion
    After the fracture of the wrist, there was pain in the hand that never disappeared. Even after 6 months, he felt a burning sensation when printing or writing. On the advice of a friend, I decided to buy Hondrox. The tool helped a lot, in my case it relieves pain almost immediately after application. I hope that when I finish the course, the pain will completely disappear.
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